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The very best dispensery to

The very best dispensery to deal with great folks products pricing and always delivered on time.


“The service at your company

“The service at your company has been above and beyond all my expectations. My thanks to the staff. Please consider ordering your products through Headz and Full Spectrum Farms. They are excellent. -Alex in Saskatchewan”

Alex Economou

I love the Darth Vader,

I love the Darth Vader, and my capsules, but what I love more is the quick service! I have been a satisfied customer for 3+ years now.

Holly Pelletier

Great service, quick delivery,

Great service, quick delivery, awesome products!


Carlos Guzman

Got CBD 50 mg. Capsules.The

Got CBD 50 mg. Capsules.The product is working awesome for all my ailments with pain. I can’t wait till you get the 100 mg. Capsules in because I will be in line for those! Thanks for the speedy delivery as well. Thanks Headz!

Thomas Blekicki

You have an amazing service

You have an amazing service
Thank you very much

Dominic Grinas

Great customer service every time.

Great customer service every time. From purchase to delivery. From order mix ups to the quality of product. I’m happy every time. Thank you!

Tracy Miller

I have been ordering from

I have been ordering from Headz for two years now and I have always received excellent service. When we first got our prescriptions we went through the usual big companies in Canada. Service was horrible, product was never available and it was just a nightmare. Did some research and found headz and we are happy we did. Headz provides high quality product, is rarely out of product and they provide excellent customer service as well as customer points. Recently we placed an order and one of the products they sent was wrong. I contacted them and sent them a picture of the invoice and the product they sent and within 4 days I had the original product and a bonus for my inconvenience. I cannot say enough good things about Headz customer service and their products. They have our business as customers for life and anyone who we talk to we highly recommend them
Thank you for your great products and service


5 stars!!!!! Just placed my

5 stars!!!!! Just placed my first order this week and very impressed! Thank you guys for making the ordering experience easy and quick and the edibles are tasty! Super happy ! Thank you guys for being my new favourite site to order from 🙂

Jessica Oborowsky

Huge variety of products good

Huge variety of products good quality and receive them in a timely fashion.


Love these guys!

Love these guys!

Keri Proskow

I love the products and

I love the products and the service is excellent – highly recommended!

Denise Massey

It’s my 3rd order with

It’s my 3rd order with you guys and this one was really fast. The order was here at the other end on the country in 3 days. Love your products. Thanks

Yannick Vincent

Gummy Worms are just

Gummy Worms are just the right amount of TCH to make your day just right.

Donna S.

My wife and I love

My wife and I love Headz!! No matter what you order it’s of the best quality. My wife loves the fact that Headz think of ladies. The pms packs help with almost all of her pain from endometriosis. These are a exceptional buy for the ladies. Customer service is amazing and very friendly. Highly trustworthy shop, you won’t be disappointed

Adam Wasiela

thank you so much for

thank you so much for your great selection, and service. we have been purchasing through you for quite a while now and have found consistent quality, quantity and selection. at this moment in history with the CV making us all feel a little uncertain, we placed an order, not sure whether it would arrive as usual but it did and we were very pleased.

to all the staff at Headz.ca…our heartfelt thanks

Susan Feldman

The Black- Best ever for

The Black- Best ever for sleep and a relaxed state of mind.


Headz is the best site

Headz is the best site evaaaa


Love this site, products and

Love this site, products and services are excellent. Recommended to many of my friends and family.

Christine Moyneur

First time ordering from Headz

First time ordering from Headz with no issues. The payment was received and sent out the same day. Bam was here in 2 days, excellent customer service and product. Smoking it gets me to the higher level in meditation


I have ordered several different

I have ordered several different flavours of the 80 mg THC infused jelly bombs and found them to be excellent. Shipping was very fast in every order I have placed.

Jake Wagler

1st order placed, received order

1st order placed, received order in two days exactly what I ordered.
Very pleased, would recommend to anyone

Sue Geurts

Again, excellent!Fast shipping, great products,

Again, excellent!

Fast shipping, great products, unbeatable price…


Carlos Guzman

Thank goodness I found this

Thank goodness I found this site! I have insomnia and was taking prescription medication which I know has side effects. I ordered the Rick Simpson oil in the syringe and after trial and error I found the dose that helps me sleep better than I could imagine.
I’m a happy rested customer!

Laurie Simpson

First time customer. Was treated

First time customer. Was treated with respect. A little slow at first, for response; but these are difficult times. Using the full spectrum CBD tincture oil and finding it to have great results at a great price.


Love, love everything on this

Love, love everything on this website. I love the variety of indica you guys carry, the price of items and how quickly you guys deliver. My favourite is Romulan and hope to god you guys never get rid of it.
I only shop from you guys because you are best I’ve come across and always recommend you guys.
Keep up the good job, because you’re the best to me.


I have been ordering for

I have been ordering for more than 3 years with no problems at all. Always great products and great service, Thanks for all you do!

Holly Pelletier

You guys have the best

You guys have the best customer service ever. Thank you.

LIsa Jefferson


Headz.ca is 100% focused on delivering the highest quality medical marijuana products, best customer service and fastest delivery to help patients across Canada. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, please feel free to let us know!

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Headz.ca is a First Nations owned provider of plant medicine.   We have a long tradition with many plant medicines and wish to heal with our traditions.  Headz asserts themselves into the medical and recreational cannabis markets, as per their inherent treaty rights.  We have worked extensively in healing programs with our peoples in Treaty 4 and Treaty 6 territories on the prairies.  Plant medicine, and especially cannabis, is proving to be an effective harm reduction method when dealing with the current alcohol and opioid crises that plague our nations.  

We are also interested in supporting our brothers and sisters who wish to enter the cannabis market.  We are working to create and facilitate relationships between top quality Craft Cannabis producers and First Nations who wish to provide their communities with top quality cannabis products.  Headz.ca has a demonstrated history of sourcing and producing some the best cannabis products on the Canadian craft market. Our professional group of growers, producers, and retail sales professionals can surely assist your First Nation to provide top quality cannabis to their communities.   First Nations have a right to exercise an inherent aboriginal and treaty right to govern its citizens and lands that is recognized and affirmed by, inter alia, Articles 4, 20, 24, 34 and 35 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982, Schedule B to the Canada Act 1982 (UK), 1982, c I l, and is protected by Treaty in Canada.  

The near extinction of the plains bison in the late 19th century, coupled with Canada’s assimilationist policy toward Indigenous peoples, led to the adoption of agriculture by several First Nations in what is currently Saskatchewan. By the early 1880s, First Nations had developed innovative farming techniques and successfully planted new test crops. These achievements drew the ire of settlers who bristled at the potential for competition. Canada responded to their concerns by enacting a series of oppressive rules and regulations that suffocated agricultural development on reserves.  Today, cannabis presents a new and legitimate economic opportunity. Penalizing Indigenous communities for pursuing it would be unconscionable. Headz is pressing federal and provincial governments to create a legislative and regulatory atmosphere that fosters cannabis-related economic development within our Indigenous communities.

Craft growers with the support of First Nations providers were at the forefront of change in Canada’s cannabis policy for the last twenty years and have now been largely excluded from the attempted corporate takeover of the burgeoning Canadian cannabis industry.  First Nations cannabis companies like Headz.ca are perfectly positioned to ensure good quality cannabis, and therefore good medicine, is being provided to all communities in Canada. We at Headz are proud to be a part of what will certainly be the bright spot in Canada’s troubled start at making quality cannabis products available to all Canadians, while providing the first opportunity of this new market to go to First Nations with a desire to grow with this wonderful plant.